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Zeta Ori (JNAME: J0542-024)

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Category: Star
Subcategory: Double or multiple star

(RA, Dec) = ( 85.54 , -2.43 ); (l, b) = ( 207.1 , -16.5 )

Last update of this page: Sat Oct 29 08:22:57 +0900 2016
The one-week-binned light curves in this page were created by rebinning the MAXI public one-day-light curves (available at by using the formula,
which is only appropriate if the following two conditions are fulfilled:
Condition 1. Raw data are background dominant;
Condition 2. Background rates are constant (at least, during the time span of rebinning, that is, one week).
To make one-week-binned light curves for scientific papers without assuming the two conditions, we need to go back to event files with effective exposure information, or light curves with effective exposure information.

1. One bin per week: Zeta Ori (JNAME: J0542-024)

(only with statistically rich bins, each including at least four day-bins.)

J0542-024_weekbin_ge4days.jpg J0542-024_weekbin_ge4days_hires.jpg J0542-024_weekbin_ge4days_hires_410.jpg
J0542-024_weekbin_ge4days_hires_410nodate.jpg J0542-024_weekbin_ge4days.pdf


JPEG light curve

2. One bin per week: Zeta Ori (JNAME: J0542-024)

(including statistically poor bins)

J0542-024_weekbin.jpg J0542-024_weekbin_hires.jpg J0542-024_weekbin.pdf


JPEG light curve

3. One bin per day: Zeta Ori (JNAME: J0542-024)

J0542-024.jpg J0542-024_hires.jpg J0542-024_hires_410.jpg
J0542-024_hires_410nodate.jpg J0542-024.pdf


JPEG light curve

4. One bin per orbit: Zeta Ori (JNAME: J0542-024)

J0542-024_orb.jpg J0542-024_orb_hires.jpg J0542-024_orb.pdf


JPEG light curve